Performance as activism

The Issue Box Theatre Voices Project (Voices) intends to use theatre in the service of social justice and aims to be part of a broader conversation that addresses the human condition and inhumane practices in the world.

Voices includes a series of forums and a performance, providing forum participants and audiences the chance to view social issues through the lens of real-world experiences, and join in the conversation towards social change.

Discovery Forums

An Issue Box Theatre artist/facilitator explores ideas and tackles topics of interest or concern to members of a marginalized/underrepresented group in or of a specific community like the LGBTQ+ community, disability community, or victims of dehumanizing crimes.

Discovery forums involve a process of ennobled listening and empathetic responses for the purpose of devising a theatrical performance. Occasionally, there is no cumulative piece of theatre and the creative process stands alone as an end-in-itself.

Pre and Post-performance forums

Issue Box Theatre creative team facilitates conversation around the performance subject matter. Conversation includes why the topic was chosen for production, along with input/feedback from participants and/or audience.

Voices Performance

When we are crafting a production or event, we consider the best place to stage them with our partners for that project. Past productions have utilized the Maumee Indoor Theatre, the Ohio Theatre, and the Recital Hall at the University of Toledo's Center for Performing Arts. We also conduct theatre events in senior centers, at conferences, and even outdoors when appropriate. All Voices performances aim to:

For information on how Issue Box Theatre can provide your group or community a Voice, please email us at:


(Subject - Voices Project)

The current Voices production introduces us to a young person who creates a "Brilliant List" to cope with a mother who is suicidal.

Issue Box Theatre Presents:

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Pre-show Forum

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Post-show Forum

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