Imagine That!

Improving well-being through creativity, laughter and meaningful interaction

Issue Box Theatre’s Imagine That! programs increase the quality of engagement with seniors experiencing dementia, including residents in assisted living and memory care facilities; and participants in recovery programs.Issue Box Theatre collaborates with community partners who provide resources for specific issues. Some of our partners include Toledo YMCA and Salvation Army’s R.I.S.E. program (Recovering Individuals from Sexual Exploitation.)

For more information or to book an Imagine That! Program for your group, contact Rosie Best at:

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"The residents here loved the Imagine That! program you provided for us! They have been talking about the stories they created and how much they laughed for weeks. Thank You!"

-Helen Lambert, Genacross Lutheran Services

"I realized you can do anything if you put your mind to it--ANYTHING.

-R.I.S.E participant

"It helped me work on my (sober/recovery) steps. Sometimes during a meeting/working on my steps, I bring up parts of my past... Now it's easier for me to share some of the trauma because I have tools. It's like taking the band-aid off"

-R.I.S.E participant